My interest in art began at age 7 when I attended an adult art history class at the Philadelphia Museum of Art because my mom couldn’t find any other child-care.   After moving to Milan, Italy with my family at age 8, with my mom (a pianist) and my dad (an engineer and amateur photographer) and my four siblings, my exposure to art expanded ten fold as we visited every museum, concert hall and historical site within our reach.   But, most important about this time was the time I spent shadowing my dad while he took his pictures.  He explained composition, shooting posture and generally how to take a good image, but he shot to document our family. I had other ideas.  I wanted my pictures to tell a story.



After high school, I studied fine arts at the Cleveland  Institute of Art, with an emphasis in photography.  It was at the Institute that I realized the images I was capturing were more powerful than words. I have had a camera on my arm ever since.


In my early twenties, I joined the US Navy and was accepted into the US Navy School of Photography.  I earned Navy certifications in both Basic Photography and advanced Photojournalism and Multi-Media Productions.   My photographic assignments included documenting visiting dignitaries, aerial surveillance, portraits, corrosion control, public relations events and base functions.


In the time since my discharge from the Navy, the technological advances to digital media have enabled me to grow as photographer and create images that would not have been possible with film.   My deep level of understanding of the mechanics of photography, together with my creativity and knowledge of digital photography, enable me to tell the story.



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